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The Key Performance Petroleum Team has a combined 162 years of experience in taking care of the needs of local industrial businesses. Explore our services below.

Bulk and Packaged Lubricants

We offer all major brands of lubricants for purchase in bulk or pre-packaged goods in totes, drums, pails, gallons, or quarts, including Bobtail & Transport delivery.

Bobtail & Transport Fuel Delivery

We offer fuel products from major refineries via Bobtail, Transport, railcar or barge.

Oil & Fuel Analysis Program

Historical data for your most sophisticated fleet management.

Oil Filtration Program

Oil integrity in your oil reservoir system is crucial. Keep your product at Key Performance levels.

Overhead & Skid Fuel Tank Placement

We’ll place tanks on your property and deliver fuel and lubricants as needed.

Bulk Oil Equipment Placement

We’ll supply all the equipment needed for company maintenance and service shops.

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Superior Lubricants & Fuels to meet your most stringent requirements.
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About Key Performance Petroleum

The Key Performance Petroleum Team has a combined 162 years of experience in taking care of the needs of local industrial businesses. Key Performance Petroleum represents quality brands. We are an authorized distributor of ExxonMobil and Chevron oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, cutting fluids, and specialty products.

We also distribute on-road and off-road diesel, conventional unleaded gasoline as well as reformulated gasoline. We have an extensive fuel supply network such as Valero, Motiva, NGL, Flint Hills, US Oil, and Delek providing quality gasoline and diesel at supply points all over Texas and the United States. 


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Key Performance Petroleum

Our History

Key Performance Petroleum has been providing petroleum products in the US and abroad for more than 40 years. We've maintained consistent growth while earning an excellent reputation in automotive, construction, agriculture, and oilfield industry petroleum products. But there is more than just carrying the product you need when you want it. We are also maintaining a relationship of trust. You can trust that when you call upon us, we will deliver.

We want your business every day, and we take even urgent requests with the utmost seriousness. Key Performance Petroleum will continue our tradition of delivering quality products and services to our customers. We understand the value of dependable service to our hard-working customers that count on us to come through for them. We know how to fulfill your business needs, and if we haven't seen it, it probably isn't out there.